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When? Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2017 Reserve

When? Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2017

Departure City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ports: St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica, Barbados & Grenada

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When? Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2017 Reserve

Departure City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ports: St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica, Barbados & Grenada

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The Mastermind Cruise sets sail on Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2017 onboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas

You're Invited on the 27th Annual Mastermind Cruise!

Isn't It Time YOU Joined In On All The Networking, Learning and FUN? Puerto Rico, St Croix, St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, Grenada!

Who is the Mastermind Cruise for? Everyone in Direct Selling and Network Marketing! You can be brand new to Direct Selling or a multi-million dollar earner. For 27 years networkers from all over the world have joined the Mastermind Cruise and shared fun adventures, created friendships, increased their knowledge, networked and created life-long memories together. We invite you to join us this year! The relationships you create often become invaluable on your journey to success, and what better place to build friendships than on a luxury Caribbean cruise with fellow networkers! And yes, families are welcome! Simply book your cabin through this website and you're in!

Direct Selling is an “all inclusive” term that includes everyone in Network Marketing, Social Selling, Social Marketing, Party Plans, and Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies.

Featured Direct Selling & Network Marketing Speakers

Here are some of the amazing speakers who will be delivering seminars, workshops and 'beach side' top tips

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter
Wes Linden
Art Jonak

There will be more speakers announced over the coming weeks and months and you can be one of the first to know! Subscribe here for the latest Mastermind Cruise updates and announcements.


5 Reasons why you should reserve your place on the 27th annual Mastermind Cruise


You'll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs

"Imagine having breakfast, lunch, dinner, sitting on the beach and going on excursions with Direct Selling leaders and experts - all for less than the cost of staying at a hotel for a week

This year's cruise will be a luxury 7-day Caribbean cruise packed with leaders from the network marketing, direct selling, and entrepreneur community. Join networkers from dozens of different companies and countries. It's a great place to meet new people, get new business building ideas at the seminars-at-sea, and receive thousands of dollars worth of free consulting during meals, on the beach or just hanging out around the ship.

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now

The Mastermind Cruise has set sail and sold out every year since 1990!

That's right, every year for the past 27 years! This is the longest standing generic Direct Selling & Network Marketing event in history. Thousands of networkers have joined us over the years. You'll network with new networkers, top producing leaders, company owners, entrepreneurs and Direct Selling vendors.

The Mastermind Cruise is more than just a vacation. It's an experience you take with you even after your vacation is over. It's the stories you share, the photos you frame, the memories you relive with the people who matter most. Millions of moments have been made over the last quarter century on the Mastermind Cruise. Every year networkers reconnect, friendships are formed and people come together to gain knowledge and build memories they'll keep forever. What will you learn this year that can propel your business forward? Who will you connect with that can help you achieve your goals faster? What will your memories be from your Mastermind Cruise experience?

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now
It's a sell out... every year!

A Cruise! Food! Fun! Training! And More! Prices start at a super-low $767 for the entire 7-day cruise!

You get it ALL for less than the cost of staying at a hotel for a week...

The entire SEVEN-DAY cruise starts around $767 per person on our specially reserved cabins. Rates include the cruise, all meals on-board, seminars and entertainment. Airfare is additional. If you consider that this one price covers five meals a day, your onboard evening entertainment, your accommodation and even your networking seminars... well, you can see it will be the bargain of a lifetime. This price is less than what you'd pay just to hear some of these experts in a weekend seminar.

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now
You'll be getting UNBELIEVABLE value

You deserve the break... filled with memories, moments, friendships, adventures, FUN!

Why a luxury Caribbean cruise? Because we all deserve a break from the stress, the phone, and the cold winter weather. Where would you rather be in late November and early December; In a dark convention hall in a cold city listening to 3-days of lectures? Or networking at the highest level for a week, getting full access to some of the world's top producers, creating life-long memories, all while being entertained on a luxury cruise and exploring some of the most beautiful warm and sunny Caribbean islands? The decision is easy. Go to the warm weather, go with fun, friendship, freedom!

It's great to vacation with positive, goal-driven, fun people. You'll get to enjoy yourself by cruising with fellow networkers.  Over the years, networkers from 60+ countries and 100+ different Direct Selling companies have been represented on the Mastermind Cruise. Sure, there will be seminars-at-sea and workshops, but we'll be having plenty of fun too! Come and network. Come have fun with like-minded people. Get some amazing lifestyle photos. Share the adventure on your social media. Gain knowledge that can help you create a bigger income long after the cruise is over. Life is made of moments, memories and friends... join us this year to create great memories and friends for life on the Mastermind Cruise!

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now
Fun, learning and friendships for life!

It's your chance to acquire thousands of dollars in free Direct Selling consulting!

Imagine having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Direct Selling experts. You could literally receive thousands of dollars in free consulting during your eating and leisure time!

Maybe you enjoy taking a morning walk on the top deck. While walking your laps in the fresh sea breeze, you walk alongside Art Jonak asking him a few questions about how you can take advantage of future trends in Direct Selling. Or, maybe spot Tom "Big Al" Schreiter by the all-you-can-eat pizza bar, and you end up eating a few pizzas together while sharing prospecting ideas. Or, you might meet up with Wes Linden in the gym and ask his top tips for success. Or, you might hang out with Ken and Lisa Seto in the piano lounge and get insights on how to successfully expand your business internationally. Or watch the sunset on the back deck while discussing how to pivot on your finances with oil and gas mogul Jim Blakemore. Or, you might relax in the jacuzzi or pool with another industry expert and ask about a specific topic you need help with or want more insight on. Everyone who is part of the Mastermind Cruise will have a custom yellow lanyard with their name, so spotting and networking with other fellow networkers on the cruise will be easy!

Well, enough about the networking. It seems that after all the formal workshops and seminars-at-sea, previous cruise attendees tell us that the networking during the meals, by the ice-cream machine or during shore excursions was the highlight of their week. Your chance is now. The previous Mastermind Cruises completely sold out, leaving many people disappointed. Please. Don't miss out. Get one of the remaining spaces before they are all gone. I don't want you to miss this special 7-day week.

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now
Exclusive access to top Direct Selling producers.

We don't want you to miss this special 7-day week.

Imagine being able to attend these information-packed seminars-at-sea. Imagine having dinner with these experts, socializing with these leaders, and well... you could be getting thousands of dollars of consulting in the most relaxed atmosphere imaginable. There will be a host of people on board who can share important business-building methods. Methods your team needs now. Methods your team needs you to bring back home.

The most important activity for you to do is to reserve your cabin now. All cabins are on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you miss out on our specially reserved block of discounted cabins, you might still be able to go, but at a much higher price. Or, you might not get a cabin at all!

Don't miss out on the discounted block of cabins

Reserve Your Cabin Now

We look forward to seeing you on the cruise!

Art Jonak
Founder, Mastermind Event
Co-Host, Mastermind Cruise

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
Founder, Big Al Training
Co-Host, Mastermind Cruise

What separates the Mastermind Cruise from other cruises?

Great question. Frankly, all cruises can be a blast! But here are our top reasons that make the Mastermind Cruise different from the other types of cruises you could attend:

The caliber of people who attend the cruise.


Many of our attendees are proven leaders with huge, world-class organizations of their own. The opportunity to network with others on this cruise is simply second to none. There is a good chance the person you are sitting next to on deck, going on an excursion with, or having lunch with is already earning a great extra income or fantastic full-time income with Direct Selling. They might even be a top income earner, or company executive.

Your group is safe here.


It should go without saying (but won't), that the events on the cruise are totally generic. We won't be endorsing or promoting any specific companies. We will only be teaching you and your team how to succeed better with YOUR company. So feel free to bring along your leaders, and the people you want to develop into leaders. We have a strict "don't recruit each other" policy. Of course, all guests on the ship who are NOT with our group and wearing a Mastermind Cruise lanyard are well, prospects. :)

The Itinerary. These are some of the best islands in the Caribbean.


We're not talking about a 3 or 4 day cruise, where you spend most of your time embarking and disembarking the cruise. This is a full 7-days of relaxation, fun, learning, networking... and MORE FUN!

Plus, the destinations this year are second to none. Departing from San Juan allows us to visit the rarely visited Southern Caribbean with all the gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and perfect water for snorkeling. And we're not talking about half days or just a few hours on each island, on this cruise we'll be staying at each island, St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica, Barbados and Grenada for a FULL Day, from 9 am to 5 pm on each island.

This allows for maximum adventure, fun and networking with no need to rush off the ship and then back on the ship. Frankly, this is quite possible the perfect cruise itinerary!

Experience the islands and ship — Art & Ann Jonak style!


Experience adventure Jonak style! An epic lunch on Orient Beach; Lifestyle photos on the world's best beaches; Enjoy lively Puerto Rico; Discover the lush "Nature Island" of Dominica; Rent jeeps and explore; Snorkel; Swim with stingray; Jet-ski; Explore; Enjoy the flowers, plantations, and caverns; Relax on pristine white beaches; And don't forget the shopping experience, deep discounts on electronics and jewellery!

Plus the ship is an exciting destination in itself! 90,000 tons packed with 6 restaurants, 16 bars and lounges, an award-winning spa, Broadway caliber musicals, non-stop activities, children’s program, swimming pool, wireless access onboard... and much more!

Get FREE STUFF you won't get on a regular cruise.


You'll get all the following additional bonuses just for reserving your Mastermind Cruise cabin with us:

  • Bottle of champagne & chocolates delivered to your cabin
  • Invitation to our exclusive Mastermind Cruise cocktail 'networking' party
  • Invitation to participate in all the Mastermind Cruise seminar-at-sea events
  • Mastermind Cruise event schedule & related documents delivered to your cabin
  • Exclusive Mastermind Cruise lanyards and name tags (making it easy to network 24/7)
  • Get priority seating at the networking dinner tables with fellow networkers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the dates of the Mastermind Cruise 2017?

Sunday, Nov 26 – Sunday, Dec 3, 2017

How do I reserve a cabin?

It’s easy! Click here to fill out the quick online form. Our travel agent will contact you to answer any questions, get your payment information and help you finalize your reservation. Or, if you prefer, you call or email Jan Baumgartner at Distinctive Travel at 281-362-0777 and lock-in your place on this luxury fun-filled holiday

What are the cabin rates on this year’s Mastermind Cruise?

Inside Cabin Only - $767 pp

Outside Cabin Only - $813 pp 

Balcony Cabin Only - $1103 pp

Luxury Suite - Contact for details

Options include Suites, Penthouses, Spa Staterooms, Mini-Suites, Balconies, Oceanviews, Insides and Studios.

Rates include cruise, port, government and fuel taxes, all meals, seminars & entertainment. Air is additional.

All cabins are on a first come, first serve basis. Outside cabins will go very quickly for this particular cruise, so book your cabin early.

If there is a lower rate available when we go to book your cabin, then we will get the lower rate for you.

What does the price include?

The price includes your cabin, meals on board the ship for the entire week, access to our group dining and training seminars, a name badge and lanyard, complimentary champagne and chocolates, and an invitation to a networking cocktail party during the cruise.

What are additional expenses?

Some additional expenses you may want to budget for are excursions at each port of call, shopping, and meals at specialty restaurants on board. If you are interested in food or drink packages, call or email Jan Baumgartner at Distinctive Travel at 281-362-0777.

Is there a monthly payment plan available?

Yes! We are offering a monthly payment plan, where you can make monthly payments by check or credit card. Contact us for details.

Do I have to book through the Mastermind Cruise travel agent to participate?

Yes. To participate in the Mastermind Cruise related activities, networking events, trainings, meals, etc, you must book through the Direct Selling Cruise travel agent. Group dining is scheduled in advance, so you will miss out on the key networking events if you book on your own. Only our travel agent can make sure you are part of all group activities.

Call or email Jan Baumgartner at Distinctive Travel at 281-362-0777

What else do I get by booking my cabin through the Mastermind Cruise?

Just for reserving your cabin through this website, you'll get ALL of the following additional bonuses!

  • Bottle of champagne & chocolates delivered to your cabin.
  • Invitation to our exclusive Direct Selling Cruise cocktail 'networking' party.
  • Invitation to participate in all the Direct Selling Cruise training and workshop events.
  • Direct Selling Cruise event schedule & related documents delivered to your cabin.
  • Exclusive Direct Selling Cruise lanyards and name tags (making it easy to network 24/7).
  • Get priority seating at the networking dinner tables with fellow networkers.

What if I want to bring my team?

Your team is welcome here! The Mastermind Cruise is a generic, safe space for your team to learn together. We recommend coming together, as you can work together more easily if everyone is learning the same concepts at once.

I’m trying to book my flights. What time does the ship depart and arrive in San Juan?

The Jewel of the Seas will depart at 8:30 PM on the 26th and disembarkation should finish around 10 AM on December 3rd.

Who can attend the Mastermind Cruise?

Anyone. You can be brand new to Direct Selling or a multi-million dollar earner. Families are welcome! We encourage you to bring your family and make memories together. Simply book your cabin through this website and you're in!

Are families welcome?

Families aren’t just welcomed – they’re encouraged! The Mastermind Cruise is full of fun activities for all ages, plus, learning as a couple (or even as a family) can help push your business to the next level even more quickly. Part of the magic of the Mastermind Cruise is creating memories together.

Can I attend by myself? Can I be connected to a roommate?

Yes! We welcome everyone! If you are looking to split the cost of a cabin with a roommate, but don’t know anyone else attending, just let our travel agent know. She’ll help pair you with someone else in the group.

How do I get to the Mastermind Cruise?

You’ll fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you live within the United States, several airlines fly there. If you live abroad, we recommend flying into Miami and taking a connecting flight from there. Southwest Airlines is a good budget airline within the United States that offers direct flights from Miami to San Juan.

Do I need a passport?

Yes! Please be sure to bring a passport for every guest in your reservation, including children.

Should I book shore excursions ahead of time?

Take a look at what we recommend on the islands here. We recommend deciding what to do when you arrive at each port of call, however, if you want to schedule a particular dive, hike or tour, scheduling it ahead of time is a good idea.

What is the dress code onboard the ship?

Royal Caribbean has three levels of dress recommended for different nights on board. On this year’s Mastermind Cruise, there will be 4 casual nights, 1 smart casual night, and 2 formal nights. Their guideline is as follows:

Suggested guidelines for these nights are:

Casual: Sport shirts and slacks for men, sundresses or pants for women

Smart Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women

Formal: Suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses for women

Where do we meet once onboard?

We all dine together every evening, where you can network with fellow guests. We’ll also send an itinerary of all the meeting times, and will loosely plan group excursions on each island, where you can meet on the same beach to enjoy networking and learning while relaxing in the sun.

What should I bring?

Definitely bring sunglasses and a swimsuit! During the day, you’ll want to pack outdoor beach or hiking gear, to enjoy each port of call. In the evenings, we recommend casual clothes for dining at night, and 1-2 formal wear outfits for the Elegant evenings on board.

Who are the speakers?

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Wes Linden and Art Jonak will lead the training seminars; plus, more speakers will be announced. Learn more about the speakers here.

How can I participate as a speaker?

If you are interested in participating as a presenter, please contact us here.


Jewel of the Seas

In 2016, the Jewel of the Seas underwent a complete bow-to-stern renovation of the staterooms, decks, and added in three new restaurants.

More about the ship

This beautiful ship features panoramic window vistas, a new relaxing Solarium pool area, wide-open spaces, and a tranquil spa. With Broadway style shows, a rock climbing wall, mini gold course, and 16 lounge areas, you’ll find plenty of entertainment on board. Royal Caribbean focuses on the entire family’s experience, especially for the kids. Their youth program, Adventure Ocean, is award winning, and the ships have features that kids love, like slides, rock climbing, DreamWorks characters throughout the ship, and more.

The Jewel of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean Radiance Class Ship On Radiance Class, even when you're indoors, you're outdoors. Because these beauties are made of acres of glass - so you enjoy more sun, more views, even in glass elevators that face the sea. You'll always have your next adventure in sight, from rock climbing to mini golfing, poolside movies to a variety of delicious restaurants.


Hear from the people who have experienced the Mastermind Cruise.

The hospitality, ship and service on the cruise were awesome

Hello! My name is Ada. I had the opportunity to be on the cruise 2 years ago and I loved it. Even though everyone was from a different company, we had the privilege of learning with the best leaders in the world and building one on one relationships with them. Secondly, the hospitality, ship and service on the cruise were awesome. The food in all the restaurants was delicious. I highly recommend going on the cruise!

Ada Ochoa

There is no better way to experience the tremendous sense of community in the Direct Selling industry

If I had known what an awesome experience it was I wouldn't have missed a single one! There is no better way to experience the tremendous sense of community in the Direct Selling industry than to be in The Caribbean with blue skies, warm sunshine, great people, great food, outstanding excursions, more fun than you can imagine.

Mike Lewis

A business conference on a cruise ship in the Caribbean? Blown away!

When I told people I had been at a business conference on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, they were just blown away and wanted to know more. So not only did I get some great new ideas and tons of motivation on the Mastermind Cruise, I have also found the experience very useful as a recruiting story!

Mary Jo Leonard

Just bring your team and a smile!

We have been on the cruise several times and must say that the value of creating friendships and gaining priceless insights from top leaders from around the world, while on a beach in the Caribbean is amazing! And everything is included! Just bring your team and a smile!

Antti & Michaela Stahl

The Mastermind Cruise was absolutely outstanding, just top class!

This first Direct Selling cruise for me was absolutely outstanding, the associations that I've made while chatting with top leaders from around the world, plus having fun, relaxed seminars followed by walking the best beaches in the world, just top class - oh and booked for this year too!

Andrew Chenery, UK

There is NO better opportunity to learn from the best

My favorite direct selling activity of the whole year!! There is NO better opportunity to learn from the best because it's not just about the training days at sea, it's about the mentoring moments woven into every day interactions on deck, at the beach, or during dinner. If you haven't treated yourself to a Direct Selling cruise yet and you want to help yourself shift into a higher gear, BOOK YOUR TICKETS!

Heather Mitchell

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